Clinical Supervision (LCSW)

Are you in pursuit of your Clinical Social Worker License?  I can help you with that. Here are the requirements:

According to the NASW-IL you must meet the following;

  • It can be paid or unpaid work, part-time or full-time but must be direct practice.
  • BSW’s are not eligible.
  • MSWs must work for 3,000 hours under the supervision of an LCSW
  • PhDs/DSWs must work for 2,000 hours under supervision of an LCSW
  • You may meet individually or in group with no more than 5 people.
  • You must meet 4 hours during the month.

The cost for Individual supervision is $60/hr.

Group supervision is available:

As a result of partening with me, you will receive the following:

* A new way of looking at often complex issues

* Guidance on how to establish and maintain self-care

* Guidance on how to deal with transference and counter-transference

* A partnership with a Clinician who has a strength based and solution focused approach to situations.